The Saga of Blood and Gold

Kharamash and the Temple of Doom

After being given horses by Valios as payment for their services replacing Winter, the group decided to follow up on Kharamash’s spiritual quest to go to the mountain of the white flame (possibly actually called something else) so that he could commune with his deity.

The trip through the mountains north of Eastbridge lasted a couple of days. The bandit road passed without incident, however on investigating a nearby cave a small broken mechanical man was discovered, and with it the bears that had broken it (and presumably it’s master). Once the bears were dealt with the mechanical man was put inside the bag of holding.

On arriving at the base of the mountain a nearby shallow cave was found to shelter the horses and the ascent up the stairs to the main entrance was successfully accomplished by all. Inside the mountain they were met by an unexpected scene, with people of all races and faiths gathered together inside, seemingly living together in harmony and mutual sanctuary as a place of spiritual guidance.

The “leader” of the group, an orc named (can’t remember) recognised the purpose of Kharamash and told him of the complex beneath the main chamber, where the rooms and their contents shift to match the explorer and a rift in the fabric of the planes can allow communication with the gods. After Kharamash utterly failed to persuade the rest of the group to stay behind because it might be too dangerous, we descended into the complex.

The rooms encountered included (will almost certainly forget some and can’t remember the order so won’t try):

Young blue dragon we had to fight
Riddle from childhood we had to remember (giving a small figurine to Kharamash)
Coin on a golden hand (which was left there?)
Room where we got the whispering shells
Gravity the wrong way (later leading to Belalurion hitting himself in the face with his own dart)
Vacuum room
The invincible goat
Room with Dragonborn poison that Melody drank as she is immune
Varodrax as he was before the party encountered him, in possession of a tiny icon of a raven, identical to one that Belalurion holds. When pressed Belalurion revealed that he had found his when he discovered the truth about his parents and so Varodrex is linked to them in some way.
Catching the ball test
Mirrored numbers
and many more…

After completing the tasks in various rooms keys were found, a total of 6 to fit the door we had found near the entrance. This then led to the rift where Kharamash communed with Bahamut and became a full Paladin of the Platinum Dragon.

After, Honor went back to one of the rooms where a strange chest had been found saying “Don’t open it,don’t open it,don’t open it….” We all followed and she opened it, and afterwards found we were unable to rest…



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