The Dragon and Flagon


There are always candles lit in the Dragon and Flagon, welcoming travellers at all hours of the day. Unless in the depths of night, there will also be the sound of minstrels playing and the cheers and chatter of people having a good time.

On the door will be one of the twin goliath bouncers, Olaf and Aulav, who greet unknowns with a furrowed from and returning customers with a toothy smile. Inside, the tavern is a large room with a staircase leading to a mezzanine floor. Both levels are lit by candles and filled with tables and chairs. The owner, Tallstag, is set up behind the main bar and the two barmaids, Frey and Màiri, weave constantly around the tavern like rats in a maze. No one ever sees the cook (whose name might be Brenda, possibly).

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The Dragon and Flagon

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