Smuggler's Bag of Holding

The smuggler’s bag of holding, found while the group was exploring the caverns underneath the Dragon and Flagon, is a bag which has an internal volume of 64 cubic feet (4′×4′×4′). If the bag is pierced or ripped all its contents will disappear into the astral plane and the bag will no longer be usable.

The bag is currently in Honor’s possession.

As of High Midnight the bag currently contains:

  • White Potion (1) – increase speed
  • Purple Potion (8) – Increase Intelligence
  • Silver Potion (9) – improve judgement
  • Yellow Potion (10) – resist disease
  • Black Potion (11) – Improve senses (taste/smell)
  • Gold Potion (deemed safe, but unidentified)
  • Bronze Potion (deemed safe, but unidentified)
  • Alchemist’s Tools

Smuggler's Bag of Holding

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