Eastbridge is a small village in Avantys, situated in the North-East corner of an enormous stretch of farmland. As the name suggests, the town’s main feature is the stone bridge itself, which is one of the two safe crossings over the River Syme (the other being the much larger town of Southbridge, a day’s ride away to the South-West). The village is overseen by Reeve Mathis Dahn who answers to the Lord of Southbridge.


Due to its location on the edge of the mysterious Forest of Liadon and the treacherous Whitespire Mountains, Eastbridge is a haven for travellers that thrives on both trade and providing the services required of visitors setting out on or returning from a long journey.

While there are some permanent residents, the majority of town’s population is in constant flux. This, combined with the constant risk of attack from across the bridge, makes Eastbridge an exciting, but potentially dangerous, place to visit.

Notable Locations

The Dragon and Flagon, a friendly tavern for eating, drinking and affordable accommodation.

The End of the Road, a rougher tavern for heavy drinking and the settling of scores.

Reeve’s Residence, the home of Mathis Dahn, the ruler of Eastbridge.

Sune’s Embrace, a house of… physical servicing.

Temple of Waukeen, a shrine to the god of trade.

Tymora’s Blessing, a gambling house.

Watch House, the barracks and garrison of the village’s guards.

Market Square, containing an ever changing array of tradesmen. Some of the more permanent fixtures include:

Notable Citizens

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