Tag: Human


  • Tallstag

    Tallstag (first name unknown) is the owner of the Dragon and Flagon tavern/Inn within Eastbridge. Tallstag sent our adventurers on their first quest to clear his cellar of rats. Tallstag had no idea of the intricate layout of the caverns under his …

  • Reeve Mathis Dahn

    Reeve Mathis “dickbag” Dahn has only made a quick appearance so far, conscripting our heroes into his service, ordering them to return the sorcerer Urbano Almus to him in shackles, but if necessary , to bring him his head.

  • Urbano Almas

    Urbano Almos was a sorcerer considered an ally by Valios. Although the citizens of Eastbridge had heard of him, few were able to give specific details about him. His residence was hidden deep in the forest of Liadon. The tower was guarded by riddling …