Giant Rat


“… you see the figure of a huge rat. It must be about five feet tall and is not sat on the ground on all fours but is slouched with its back against the wall with its front paws rested on its gigantic, crumb-covered belly.”


Sebastian was found by the team in the cellar of The Dragon and Flagon. The oversized and sentient rat had been gorging himself on the food stores. Sebastian explained to the adventurers that he had only recently grown so large. He drank liquid from a barrel he was unable to identify, then grew in size and gained the ability to speak Common.

When the group exited the caves located underneath the Dragon and Flagon they advised Sebastian to hide and live in the forested room in the caves.

During The Four Seasons the group returned to the caves beneath the Dragon and Flagon to find Sebastian fearing for his life after Varadrex had returned to the caverns. The group convinced Sebastian to take on the mantle of “Winter” in the spell maintained by Valios. He know stands as a statue for three quarters of the year, only coming to life during the months of winter.


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