The Saga of Blood and Gold

What Did You Expect?

The main points for someone to flesh out from your point of view:

  • Tallstag recruited the adventurers
  • Encountered Sebastian in the basement who they negotiated with
  • Explored the tunnel and encountered the illusionary cave-in
  • Went into the Spider’s Lair where they fought spiders and Belalurion nearly died from venom
  • Reached the underground stream. Broke the bridge immediately and would have been swept away were it not for the rope.
  • Did some crazy arrows with rope onto lanterns stuff
  • Encountered a mysterious voice in the alcove then buggered off
  • Refurned to the voice and opened the treasure chest. No treasure but searched and found the Smuggler’s Bag of Holding
  • Found a door on the right which they couldn’t pick the lock off. Then Kharamash smashed the living shit out of the door.
  • Belalurion found the trip wire and disarmed it. The party then spent ages he King everything for more traps, not realising that the pressure plates weren’t armed because the trip wire wasn’t triggered.
  • Didn’t go into the barrel room.
  • Almost went into the underground forest, then doubled back to the barrel room.
  • Lots of craziness trying to pour potions into various receptacles. Eventually used the enchanted vials.
  • Went back to the forest and encountered a warg and a wolf.
  • Went further in and encounter Varodrex on a stone dias. He taunted them and Belalurion fired an arrow across his cheek.
  • Varodrex summoned some zombies with some evil vials of crap. The zombies were useless but just didn’t want to die.
  • Afterwards they raided his laboratory and found the scroll that burst into flames.
  • Backtracked, relocated Sebastian into the forest area then got a reward from Tallstag.



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