The Saga of Blood and Gold

The Four Seasons

As morning broke after the encounter with the straw men, the group assembled in The Dragon and Flagon to discuss whether there was any future in their association. They decided that the group still served a purpose in the short term, and that they would continue to investigate the strange happenings in Eastbridge and re-evaluate the situation in the future. During these conversations it emerged that both Belalurion and Kharamash of Clan Petrangrandion have associations with the Goddess Mielikki. Belalurion’s leg was mending nicely.

Melody was very quiet during this chapter, perhaps still recovering from the previous night’s exertions.

The group set off to Shautha’s Steel. Honor the Bonded collected the armour she had ordered on the previous day, while Belalurion and Kharamash each purchased daggers.

Having re-equipped at the Blacksmith, Belalurion agreed to help Kharamash find a shrine in the forest, in order that he might spend some time in prayer and contemplation. The whole group decided to make this journey. Soon after leaving Eastbridge, however, the group encountered Valios, who was rather less than pleased with the group. He demanded to know both the events which surrounded the death of Urbano Almas and the reasons for Honor killing a stag in the forest Valios protects. Honor assured Valios that the stag had been killed in a respectful manner, and that the entire animal had been used. The whole group pointed out the affinity they have for nature, and Valios grudgingly accepted their version of events.

To further allay Valios’ fears, he asked the group to find and speak to a man known as “Mr. Summer”, and to report back to him what they made of the mysterious individual. Valios further promised to direct the group to a place, individual or group who could help with Kharamash’s religious quest if they complied with his wishes.

On returning to Eastbridge our motley band of adventurers soon started hearing of an “End of Summer Festival”, and the association with Mr. Summer. They started formulating some theories as to his involvement, some relatively accurate and some wildly inaccurate.

To try to find out some more information Kharamash and Belalurion headed to The End of the Road, a rather rougher tavern than The Dragon and Flagon. Although they failed to uncover any information they did find an innkeeper in good spirits who spent some time trying to convince “Dragon” (Kharamash) to enter the fighting ring.

The group also went to the Temple of Waukeen.

Having exhausted their lines of enquiry, the group headed to the Festival, where their first port of call was the archery contest. Belalurion entered the contest and got a very good score, narrowly missing out on first place. Kharamash entered the contest and shot himself in the foot. Belalurion then shot Kharamash. Again.

The group then headed (Kharamash with a distinct limp) to the fortune teller’s tent. Belalurion was overcome by the smell of incense, but the others had their fortunes told by Mystic Margery (?). I can’t remember the details….

  • Stall of random crap.
  • Mr. Summer went on stage pissed, said a little speech and disappeared.
  • We went back to Vallios + explained what happened. He made a trail for us to follow.
  • Autumn was a big, fuck-off birdman.
  • Explanation of what had happened and how people could be replaced.
  • The whole thing was because of the spell which froze people in time.
  • Needed to find a replacement. Honor suggested Sebastian.
  • Went to find Sebastian (also checked barrels) – S was willing to help.
  • Went back to the clearing, talked to each season in turn.
  • Woke up winter, convinced him to kill himself.
  • All got horses.



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