The Saga of Blood and Gold

Loose Ends and Straw Men

Continuing directly from the events of High Midnight, the group were approached by members of the Reeve’s personal guard as soon as they appeared back in Eastbridge. Prevented from resting or healing up after their fights in the tower, they were taken straight to the Reeve’s compound. On the journey Belalurion healed Melody’s wounds, the first appearance of his magical abilities.

On arrival at the compound they were briefly brought before the Reeve, but before they could explain anything or have a civilised discussion they were taken down to the cells beneath the main chamber. They were ordered to remove their weapons, and after a tense exchange with the captain, in which the captain revealed his fear of Miss Sinclair, they complied. Belalurion tried (but failed miserably) to conceal his daggers and darts.

Each member of the group was then taken for questioning by Miss Sinclair and an unknown(?) man. They knew aspects of our pasts, for most of the group things that wouldn’t be too hard to find out, but Honor implied that they knew things they should not, and might have magical/telepathic methods of finding information.

While the individual interrogations were taking place, the group befriended a guard named Gurvin who has a daughter that would love to meet a pixie princess. He sees the Reeve as a hard but fair master.

Having determined that the group told the truth by seeing that our stories matched, the guards handed back the equipment that had been taken, and the group were released back into Eastbridge.

After being released, the first priority for most was to get some rest and recover our strength. Kharamash and Melody went straight to the Dragon and Flagon where they overheard a farmer talking about problems in the fields. Honor went into the forest to try and hunt a stag, but failed on this attempt. Belalurion did a sweep of the village perimeter, and thought something was amiss to the west but could not determine the source. They then all met at the Dragon and Flagon to rest.

The group was awoken in the middle of the night by a scream outside the window. Looking out, they could not see anything immediately, Melody flew down and Belalurion attempted to jump out, and damaged his leg by falling rather badly. All they saw was a fallen torch that had gone out. The group pursued (a noise?) to the western edge of the village, but couldn’t find the girl who had screamed.

They decided that they needed a full rest to be able to deal with anything they found, and dawn was approaching, so Kharamash, Melody and Honor returned to the inn for a full rest. Belalurion, as an elf, had already rested enough, and so set out into the fields to try and find anything that might lead them to the cause of the disturbance, and after 8 hours of searching had only discovered that the scarecrows were all in circles rather than being spread out through the fields.

The four met back at the inn when a full rest had been completed and planned their investigations. Honor went back into the forest and successfully hunted a stag, commissioning Shautha to make her some armour from the hide. Belalurion contacted Joe Penn, a member of the shadier side of Eastbridge that he has dealt with before, and discovered that the greyscript we had discovered beneath the dragon and flagon said “cache this way”.

During her hunt for the stag, Honor drank one of the potions we had found, and increased her speed permanently. Seeing this, the group went back into the tunnels below the inn to try and get more of the potions, but Sebastian told the group that everything had been taken away, and the forest was dying. He was advised to go into the Forest of Liadon and find Valios, who may be able to protect him.

Kharamash and Melody talked to the leader of the farmer’s union, and discovered that the scarecrows move on their own and no-one goes out after dark, so the group waited until dusk and went out into the fields.

Carrying only 1 torch, with Kharamash drinking a potion granting him permanent darkvision but turning his eyes red, the group were attacked by some crows. Melody threw fire at some, which brought more, but they were defeated without too much damage being taken. Then they were set upon by three scarecrows. After throwing one of his swords away, Belalurion took down one. Kharamash saw his example and threw away his axe while doing a good job blocking with his shield. Melody burnt one to a crisp while Honor and Belalurion finished the third. The two that hadn’t been burnt then combined into a bigger scarecrow, which was eventually defeated by Belalurion shooting an arrow into its face, knocking it backwards into a torch that Honor held, and burning it to ash. A green ball of some sort of magical energy that had been animating the scarecrows then vanished and the danger to the fields is assumed to have ended.

The group returned to the inn for the night, had the final two potions identified and drank them. The effects are as follows:

Heightened sense of smell
Can control hair growth, grow by up to 1 inch per day.

+1 Wisdom
Immune to Poison

Speed Increase
Ability to hold breath tripled

+1 Intelligence



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