The Saga of Blood and Gold

High Midnight

Resuming the morning after the adventure into the caves beneath the Dragon and Flagon, the adventurers meet to divide the loot. They decide to go their separate ways for the day, before meeting in the evening to discuss their future direction.

Honor headed to the alchemist (The Cauldron) in the hope of identifying the potions picked up below. After refusing to pay the asking price, she bartered an identify spell in exchange for the herbs she had gathered. After finishing at The Cauldron she headed to the Temple of Waukeen to enquire about Sister Grace.

Kharamash, meanwhile, went to Mr Lyle’s Emporium with a dual purpose – to buy back his pawned lute, and to identify symbols found on a wall in the caves. He was successful in both, with the ‘writing’ identified as GreyScript. He returned to the tavern, and generously bought drinks for the entire establishment. He then spoke with Tallstag at the tavern, discussing what the group found when exploring underneath his establishment.

Belalurion first obtained some armor from Shautha (a half-orc blacksmith). Although he sought something a bit flashier than what she could provide, he settled for some studded armor. He proceeded to visit Beautiful Death and, after some banter with Laurian Naïlo bought x x x x x x x.

Melody took the silver necklace found by the group during their initial adventure to the Temple of Waukeen. As there was no holy energy associated with the item, she was directed toward Mr. Lyle. After some bartering, she managed to get him to pay 50g for the necklace.

As they continued their errands, all four adventurers crossed paths in the centre of the Market Square, when the sun was engulfed by black tendrils, the sky turning pitch black. The townsfolk began to panic, as a bright purple light shot into the sky from the forest. The citizens shouted blames toward ‘the tiefling in the temple’ and ‘the wizard.’ Honor attempted to get more information from the hysterical crowd, but they would not provide any specific details. Within moments, the Reeve, Mathis Dahn, flanked by a half-orc and a human female, entered the market square. Without hesitation, he recruited the group to handle the disturbance by bringing in the sorcerer (or his head). Harm was implied if they did not comply. Kharamash, wanting to keep the citizens safe, pushed for the group to investigate.

The troop travelled to the east side of Eastbridge, heading towards its namesake. At the bridge, they encountered a helpful young man, member of the town guard, who was willing to share as much information as possible (although this didn’t amount to much). The group followed the road and entered the forest. They could not follow the path for long, as it was obvious that the ominous purple light came from deep in the forest. Heading off the path, the group walked, encountering a clearing.

In the centre of the clearing were two armoured skeletons, locked in combat, seemingly frozen. The two stood in a circle of dirt, where nothing seemed to grow. Belalurion did a quick check around the edge of the clearing, checking for anything which would be informative or troublesome. He returned, but had not found anything more. Kharamash cast detect evil and good on the skeletons, and they did not register as either. Honor entered the clearing, and had a feeling that one of the skeletons was looking at her. After walking around the two, she did not see anything that led her to believe they could see her. She grabbed a plant from the ground (including some dirt) and threw it into the circle, and it immediately wilted. She took her staff to try and return the plant to outside the circle, but her staff burned and disintegrated, leaving it at about 2/3 length. The group decided to leave the circle and continue.

The group heard a fast pounding in the distance, assuming it to be a horse. From the forest emerged a centaur who identified himself as Valios. He had been watching the group, and approached them regarding the sorcerer, Urbano Almas. He explained that the sorcerer had been good to the forest, and warned the group that unprovoked violence would not be tolerated. Without another word, he left the adventurers where they stood.

Belalurion used his tracking ability to lead the group to a large tower. It spiralled into the sky, surrounded by a wrought iron gate with a, seemingly, locked door. The group met with a vision of the sorcerer, taunting the group. He quickly disappeared. Thaumatergy had no effect on the door, as it seems to have been enchanted against magic use. The door was pushed open by Belalurion (?). Walking either side of a large tree, the group met a pair of gargoyles. Reluctant to help, they were eventually sweet talked by Belalurion to consider entry for the group. The gargoyles posed 3 riddles to the group, which, if solved correctly, would allow them entry. Kharamash answered each riddle correctly. allowing entry. Inside was only a seemingly never-ending staircase. The group searched the stairway and walls for secret doors, with no luck. They began to walk up the stairs, separating so that each individual could still see at least one other. Still, they made no progress. Belalurion went back out to speak with the gargoyles to see if it would be possible to get a bit more information about the stairs. After some prodding the gargoyles relented, giving the hint that “perception is the key.” After some experimenting, the group realised if they closed their eyes, and moved, they would reach the door.

Another unlocked door was opened, and the group found themselves in what seemed like a library. In the middle of the room was a large table covered with books, a giant suit of armour underneath a raised landing. Two sets of stairs on either side of the room lead to a landing, and a big door.

Honor approached the table to inspect the books, when the armour came to life due to an arcane enchantment. The two swords it held rose into the air and began to spin. The group took down the armour, followed by the two swords. The group didn’t take any major damage, excluding an arrow to the shoulder sustained by Honor from Belalurion. In turn, each member of the group tried to pry the arrow from her shoulder, resulting in a little more damage for the tiefling. The battle was the first appearance of Melody’s animal form. The group immediately climbed the stairs, approaching the large door. As suspected, Thaumatergy had no effect. Kharamash took the lead to try and open the door. Unlike before, the door reacted, the group was blasted away from the door. Kharamash fell from the landing to the lower floor, the other three pushed sideways. The sorcerer appeared, taunting the group. From atop the door, a cracking sounds caught everyone’s attention, as the gargoyle came to life. The manticore dropped down onto the floor, with another round of combat beginning immediately. After another tough round of combat, the manticore was taken down, with final blow by Honor.

The sorcerer appeared to the group, and it was determined that the familiar figure they saw at the bottom of the tower was an illusion or an imposter. The sorcerer was ready to discuss the occurrence with the team, but the sorcerer was stabbed from behind by Varadrex. Without warning, the group was transported back to the Market Square, still covered in blood and gore.



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